PAID Search Engine Marketing

Are you relying solely on organic optimization? While it’s an essential component for search engine visibility, organic SEO shouldn’t be your only means of online marketing and branding. It’s time to invest in search engine marketing or PPC services – guaranteed to expand your reach and showcase your business quickly.

Search Engine Marketing

Are you relying solely on organic optimization? While it’s an essential component for search engine visibility, organic SEO shouldn’t be your only means of online marketing and branding. Paid advertising on the largest search engine, Google, is also necessary to widen the reach of your website and the services you offer.


Keyword Research

We’ll find the best key phrases related to your business.
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Ad Creation

We’ll create custom ads guaranteed to draw attention.
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Landing Page Optimization

We’ll design eye-catching pages for lead generation.
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Budget Management

We’ll help you keep your ad spending within your limits.​
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Reporting & Analytics

We’ll keep you informed of each campaign’s performance.
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Using PPC with your organic website optimization is the most business-savvy choice.

What Are People Searching?


With paid ads, it’s important to target specific keywords to make the most of your advertising strategy. In the world of pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, you get to choose the keywords you pay for. Our staff of content managers will research the best keywords for your pay-per-click campaign to ensure you’ll get the highest return on your investment.


We develop a targeted group of keywords relevant to your goals.


We manage PPC campaigns based on high-ranking Google AdWords.

optimized paid google ads

reach users searching for similar products

Target Your Key Demographic


Writing a compelling headline and text for your ad is the most crucial aspect of getting someone to click on your ad. We write ad copy and design ad visuals that will captivate your audience. Whether it’s through Google ads or social media platforms, our ad creation team knows what elements make an ad worth publishing.

We help local
business owners
expand their online

Increase Sales Conversions


A landing page is the end goal or destination link for an advertising campaign. If you are targeting a particular product or service in a specific location, creating a landing page for each campaign will result in a higher customer conversion rate. Our PPC management company in Houston takes the time to design landing pages that are both informative and user-friendly.

Track Your Ad Expenses


With ITVibes by your side, you never have to worry about going over your budget. We’ll take care of all the aspects of setting up, maintaining, and monitoring your ad spending to ensure cost-effectiveness long term. We know how difficult it can be to spend money on advertising and want you to have peace of mind for your business.

Survey the Data


In PPC advertising, analytics are key to helping you meet your business goals. We keep track of ad performance to determine which aspects of your campaigns are working and what needs to be changed. From beginning to end, you can count on our team to keep you informed and up to date.


How it Works

We’ve spent the last decade perfecting our paid search engine marketing process to provide world-class service to you.



We start by researching and developing a targeted group of keywords relevant to your brand.


We’ll write and design paid ads for your business with compelling copy and eye-catching visuals.


With your approval, we’ll launch customized ad campaigns centered around your products and services.


We’ll handle everything from setting up critical updates to maintenance and monitoring your ad spend.


We’ll provide ongoing reports to give you an idea of what is working and what’s not in your ad campaigns.


Frequently Asked


What does PPC stand for?

PPC is an acronym for “pay-per-click”. It is an online advertising strategy where online marketers pay for their ads to appear for specific search queries.

What’s the difference between PPC and SEM?

To put it simply, PPC is SEM. SEM, or search engine marketing, is the umbrella strategy for optimizing content for search engines. Both PPC and SEO (search engine optimization) can fall under the category of SEM. Unlike standard SEO practices that use free and organic techniques, PPC campaigns involve paying for certain keywords.

What kind of PPC services are available?

ITVibes is proud to be a PPC management agency that offers a number of different PPC services. These include but are not limited to search ads, display ads, paid social ads, and video ads.

How quickly does a PPC campaign work?

As a general rule of thumb, it takes about 3 months or 90 days to start seeing results from a PPC campaign. For campaigns managed by ITVibes, our goal is to find keywords that will present the highest ROI. If your ad is relevant to the keyword, outbids other competitors, and has a high-quality score,we guarantee you’ll start seeing your ad at the top of search results pages in no time.



What Past Clients Are Saying


We have had a wonderful experience with IT Vibes over the course of our new website redesign. Their team provided us with an in-depth process of each step, along with top tier communication. We are especially grateful for Wendy and Ashlee who were our main point of contacts throughout the project.Our new website is absolutely beautiful. We are excited to bring a fresh and innovative user experience to our customers with the help of IT Vibes. Their quality of service, design, and support is truly unmatched in our industry.Thank you again for everything. We are proud to work with this incredible company!
22:36 25 Mar 24
Siva and his team did a fantastic job with our new website. I really appreciate Siva being involved every step of the way during the entire process. He was very informative, communicated with us frequently, and has a vast knowledge in the field. I would strongly suggest Siva and his team for any of your marketing needs!
Terry Smith
Terry Smith
18:04 15 Mar 24
We are in the process of revamping our website and IT Vibes has been an invaluable partner in encouraging us to pursue creative avenues, contemporary designs, innovative marketing approaches and custom-made reports. We have been most impressed with the quality of products and collaboration among their team, and we look forward to completing this process by creating an informative and successful website together.
Anne DeMaret
Anne DeMaret
14:18 15 Mar 24
ITVIBES has done a great job with our new web site, email security, and even re-designed our logo. They are super responsive with our technical questions and day to day issues with our IT. Very pleased!
Jeff Herrin
Jeff Herrin
16:29 12 Mar 24
We hired ITVibes in 2015 to create our website in hopes to accelerate our business and online presence. The entire process was made easy with a team of experts dedicated to our website design and success. ITVibes also covers all of the ongoing monthly updates and security measures to keep us protected. We have been loyal clients for almost 9 years and are still impressed with their exceptional work.
monte bishop
monte bishop
17:59 09 Oct 23
I had very high expectations for my new company’s website and digital marketing plan, and IT Vibes absolutely exceeded them! They were amazingly responsive, great attention to detail, and overall seemed to care as much about my small business as I do - many thanks to everyone involved. I get compliments on the new website daily. True professionals and a pleasure to work with - the entire team.
Jay Johnson
Jay Johnson
17:52 21 Sep 23
About a year ago, I decided it was time to "up" my game on my small business website. I wanted to work with someone local, so I contacted ITVibes and they have been great to work with! I mostly communicated with Wendy and she was always super-helpful and fast to respond to any silly questions I had. And, believe me, I had a lot of them! Siva and his entire team were always on top of everything, as well. I'm definitely happy I went to ITVibes and I'd recommend them to anyone. A+
Todd Lehn
Todd Lehn
19:52 30 Aug 23
I have been a client with ITVibes for over 5 years. They helped me navigate the pandemic as my small business was struggling and continued to support us through it. Recently they have re-built my business website and the team was very professional and attentive to our business need. They scheduled one-on-one zoom meetings and walked me through countless of website designs until we picked the right one for us. They worked at our pace and never felt rushed to publish the website. I appreciate all the support and professionalism.
Ahmad Abodeeb
Ahmad Abodeeb
16:21 04 Aug 23

Amazing!! So happy to find a local company with amazing service!!

Karen Gomez

ITVibes is very detailed and knowledgeable when it comes to website development. We have had great success with our site and continue to have a long relationship with the entire staff at IT Vibes.

Doug Erdy Group

ITVibes has done an amazing job over the last several months helping us to rebuild multiple websites starting with El Tiempo Cantina then moving on to our Laurenzo's and Tony Mandola's concepts. We are currently developing our El Tiempo Taqueria website with iTVibes and they have also done an excellent job with out catering website too. Siva and his amazing staff are friendly, professional and hands on and were patient as we went back and forth to ensure we developed the perfect website for our needs! iTVibes helped bring El Tiempo Cantina's website and online presence out of the prehistoric age and into a user friendly more interactive and informative website. I look forward to continued development and improvements using iTVibes!

Eltiempo Cantina

The ITVibes team helped me turn a monster project into a great, workable website.

The Woodlands Garage Door Service

ITVibes did such an amazing job creating 5 different websited for me.From day one when i meet with them until now as they manager the maintenance work.I highly recomment them for sure.

Mary Campos

IT Vibes put together a great website for my business that I frequently receive compliments on. They stay on top of things and make sure every client receives first class service. Highly recommended.

Paradigm Construction

IT Vibes did a wonderful job overhauling our websites. They listened to our ideas and gave suggestions to enhance and compliment our thoughts and ideas on what we wanted to see. Joshua and Kalyan are terrific to work with. They really know what they are doing and have a knack for understanding the client's needs and executing them.

RE/MAX Legends -The Matthews Team

Siva and his team are the real deal. As a new business I really wanted to be sure we had an impressive online presence, Siva helped us achieve that goal. They went above and beyond to respond to any concerns and questions I had during the process. Highly recommend them!

Substantia Realty

Our old website layout was horribly outdated by about 10 years, and it just wasn't giving the right impression to potential customers. We found out about IT Vibes through a Chamber of Commerce seminar, and we decided to let them re-design our site. Wow! It's AWESOME now! It's up to date, fresh, visually appealing, easy to navigate, and we got to write the content and pick out pictures so that it showcased our business in a way that really did it justice. The best part was that we were able to have one-on-one meetings with them, as well as reach the people in charge of our site through personal contact information; this made the process of making changes, updating, and getting help quick and easy. From a monetary stand-point, you really are getting the best bang for your buck. Honestly though, the thing that sets them apart from any other web design/SEO company is their level of customer service- they have nothing but 5 star ratings for a reason!!!


ITVibes redesigned our website with a whole new clean, modern look and we're very happy with the outcome.Their support team is very responsive to our inquiries and requests for updates on our site, with a quick turn around time, ITVibes was recommended to us by of on of their existing clients and we would gladly recommend them to anyone looking for a new web designer/developer.

Robin Reyes

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